Roy Sinor

Roy is a graduate engineer that was employed in his first post graduate job as an engine development test engineer, in the engine division of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI. He left that position and went on to work as a engineer in the marketing side of the off highway mining industry.  In 1984 He purchased a NAPA parts store and grew it to one of the better parts stores in the Northeastern Oklahoma NAPA system; he sold that business in 2000.

Roy was selected as an engine stamp judge for the National Corvette Certification Board (Bloomington Gold Organization) in 1980 and served for 12 years retiring in 1992. Served as the NCRS 1967 Corvette National Team Leader from 1990 until 1996 when he stepped down after being appointed the NCRS National Judging Chairman a position he held for 17 years before retiring in 2013, served as the NCRS Historic Document Services Manager from start up in 2010 until retirement in 2014. He was one of the original seven 200 level judges in the NCRS, one of three original 400 level judges and is a recent recipient of the NCRS Lifetime Achievement Award.

He founded Sinor Prestige Automobiles, Inc., in the spring of 1982, he is an author and editor of many notable publications including a sports car price guide. He currently serves as an independent contractor in the classic auto industry, provides expert witness in collector car fraud cases, along with collector car fraud seminars to the insurance industry, car appraisal groups and car clubs.  He provides pre and post purchase collector car inspections and is fortunate to be retained as a consultant with several of the better Classic and Special Interest Car Collections in existence.


He has provided insurance appraisals to every major insurance company in existence since 1982.