Our Mission statement: “To provide only the best of the best in collectable automobiles, with no hype, just excellence.”

Sinor Prestige Automobiles, Inc. has been in existence since the spring of 1982. Our enthusiasm and passion for the hobby started in the mid sixties and resulted in the formation of our corporation in 1982 that continues to thrive today. We have sold many cars belonging to enthusiasts from across the country and a few cars from our private collection when a desire to acquire something different has surfaced. Sinor Prestige Automobiles is not our principal source of income, but rather a passion that we have for the hobby and the automobiles. As a result, we are able to be very selective and focused with the cars we represent, we are able to offer the best brokerage fees in the industry, and that results in us being able to offer the best of the best when it comes to service and vehicles. Our ad often reads “No Smoke, No Lights, No Mirrors, and No Excuses.” We buy, sell, trade, locate, collect and restore automobiles with a passion. With many repeat customers, many individuals not only purchase from us, but also continue to use us when they decide to sell.

Having owned several very unique original vehicles which include the only NCRS Bowtie 1964 Fuel Injected Corvette, the only NCRS Bowtie 1965 396 Corvette to have also receive the coveted Duntov Mark of Excellence Award, the only NCRS Five Star Bowtie-NCRS Duntov-Bloomington Historic Survivor-Bloomington Gold-Bloomington Benchmark L89 Convertible in existence, to one of possibly two surviving 1930 Willys Rumble Seat Roadsters, if it rolls, we have had or do have an interest in it.

We have also sold some of the rarest, best and most valuable Corvettes. 1953 “003” the oldest surviving production Corvette, several Heavy Duty Brake & Suspension 1958-1962 Corvettes -three of those had the big tank option, the “Music Car” a 8,000 mile red/red 1967 435 convertible, a 10,000 mile black/black 1967 435 coupe, and a 19,000 mile 1969 L88, to mention a few, the lists is long.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.