Benchmark 1967 435 Convertible

VIN: 194677S117425
Sale Type: Consignment   --   Sold!
Price: $332000
Awards: NCRS Top Flight, Bloomington Survivor, Bloomington Gold, Bloomington Benchmark. Documentation includes Corvette Order Copy (Tank Sheet)
Options: Rally Red, Black Interior, L71 435HP, Transistor Ignition, 3.70 Positraction Axle, Close Ratio 4 Speed, Red Stripe Tires,, Black Soft Top, Red Hard Top, AM/FM Radio, Tinted Windshield, Off Road Exhaust, Speed Minder.
Color: Rally Red
Horsepower: 435


America’s most prestigious Corvette award!

BENCHMARK® – the ultimate standard for unrestored vehicles.

In 1991, Bloomington Gold introduced the ultimate and most difficult judging category – The BENCHMARK Award. To achieve BENCHMARK status, an unrestored Corvette must attain GOLD Certification and excel in all four categories of SURVIVOR during the same weekend. To date, fewer than 5% of the Corvettes that have been Certified have received the prestigious BENCHMARK Award. 

The Benchmark award recognizes those very rare, select Corvettes that represent the ultimate in factory originality and condition. Benchmark Corvettes are not only unrestored, they are very near ‘typical factory production’. It is as if they were put in a time capsule when they left the factory and have been preserved that way until the day they were judged. These Corvettes are the best research pieces for anyone doing a restoration or trying to learn about Corvettes of that generation…. hence the name Benchmark. Judged in both Survivor and Certification during the same weekend. Only Corvettes attaining a Silver Survivor or Gold Survivor and receiving a Gold Certification at the same Bloomington Gold event will qualify. Those candidates that retain the majority of finishes, colors, and condition and are preserved well enough to be used as a model for restorations, will then be awarded the highly coveted and prestigious Benchmark award. These Corvettes are truly the Benchmarks of the marque.

Straight from the organizations write up, here is a 1967 Red L71, Two Top Convertible that is the Benchmark of the marque.

Copy of original tank sheet attached to gas tank.