1994 Corvette ZR1

VIN: 1G1YZ22J2R5800267
Sale Type: Confidential   --   Sold!
Awards: NCRS Regional and National Top Flight Awards, NCRS Regional Performance Verification Award, NCRS-Hill Mark of Excellence Award, NCRS-Chevrolet Crossed Flags Preservation Award
Options: Fully Loaded with all options.
Color: White
Horsepower: 405

This ZR1 was purchased from Bud’s Chevrolet on June 29, 2003 and titled August 28, 2003 and milages on title 03063152050 was 11,995.

Owned by members of NCRS and the Southeast Chapter of the NCRS and they put the car through  the NCRS judging process and were awarded the NCRS-Chevrolet Crossed Flags Award on July 25, 2015.  We logged a lot of miles to attending NCRS Judging events.  This Corvette is one of 41 Corvettes starting with 1984 C4’s to have achieved this prestigious award as of the 2015 NCRS Nationals (reference NCRS web page judging awards).


Dave Hill and Dave McLellan signed the interior of the ZR1 hood at the at the 2013 NCRS Nationals (have pictures of each signing the hood).  Dave McLellan followed Zora Arkus-Duntov as the second Chief Engineer for Corvette in 1975 and Mr. McLellan retired in 1992.  His crowning achievement as the Chief Engineer for Corvette was the development of the ZR1, which was produced from 1990 -1995.  The ZR1 Corvette set and held many speed records for years.  When Mr. Mclellan retired in 1992 he was replaced by Dave Hill. Mr.Hill became the 3rd Chief Engineer for Corvetter in November of 1992 and retired in January of 2006.  Mr. Hill took Corvette to heights that few could imagine in terms of performance, refinement and value. Making Corvette second to none in the Sports Car world and dominating the LeMans Racing series with 5 wins at the famous 24 hours of LeMans race from 2000/2006.