Grand Sport Chassis #004 Tribute – Unsurpassed detail of Sebring 1964 Livery

VIN: UTP 07444
Sale Type: Consignment   --   Sold!
Price: $150000   --   OBO
Options: 377 cu in Donovan Aluminum Block, Inglese made 48mm side draft carbs, M22 4 speed, TI ignition, GS Halibrand 15 wheels, 4" tube chassis
Color: silver blue
Horsepower: 550 plus hp

You are best served to click on the link below this paragraph read the article about this car in the owners own words, with respect to this vehicle and what it represents. It is amazing, the detail and dedication to build a tribute to the original Grand Sport #004 chassis, has ultimately created in my view the best Grand Sport tribute in existence, his dedication to detail of an exacting race and exacting time in the race is nothing short of spectacular. Please access and read the attached link.

This vehicle is a constructed tribute the starting point was a Mongoose body and chassis, as such it is titled with a 100% legal State issued VIN, not  “a VIN that is only one letter off from the original tag” as stated in the above article.

The photos of this car include recent non-competition track photos and numerous vintage photos (typically black and white at the end of the pictures) of the original 004 Chassis, that day at Sebring in March of 1964. This vehicle was built as a tribute to that day as the car finished with the build to reflect the actual occurrences throughout the day less the damage off course.  It has been sorted and is ready for its next adventure, it has not been tracked or driven on the street any appreciable distance since completion.