1970 Plymouth Barracuda AAR Yellow

VIN: BS23J0N305175
Sale Type: Auction   --   Sold!
Auction: Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016
Lot#: 470
Auction Sale Price: $55000
Options: Automatic, PowerSteering, Power Brakes
Color: Yellow

Lemon Twist Yellow AAR ‘Cuda documented by Fender Tags with the original body VIN numbers located in the correct places. The AAR ‘Cuda was only produced for approximately 1-1/2 months (March 10-April 17) during the year of 1970 with only 1,614 produced with the automatic 3-speed transmission. The AAR ‘Cuda offered lots of power with a V8, 340 6-barrel engine. The hood is made of lightweight fiberglass. What really sets this hood apart from all other cars is the hood scoop, the sleek design really blends in nicely with the rest of the car. The spoilers on the AAR also set it apart from other cars. The front spoilers are what they call “eyebrow” spoilers and the rear spoiler is what is called a “duck tail.” The AAR was produced to race in the SCAA road racing and to compete with the Ford Mustang. AAR actually means All American Racers. The AAR ‘Cuda was different from the regular ‘Cuda in many ways. This rare ‘Cuda with a 340 Six Pack engine is rebuilt to factory specifications and really commands attention when all six barrels are engaged. Loaded with following options: 727 Torque Flite transmission, Rally dash, power brakes, power steering, bucket seats with center console, left-hand mirror, hood pins, side exhaust, front & rear spoilers, Trans Am package, tachometer and Fresh Air fiberglass hood.