1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 Convertible

VIN: 344670M19674
Sale Type: Auction   --   Sold!
Auction: Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2016
Lot#: 761
Auction Sale Price: $165000
Options: W30, Power Brakes
Color: Red

This is a matching-numbers 442 W30 4-speed convertible. This 442 is one of 96 ever built and is equipped with the 1970-only W27 aluminum rear axle. When the previous owner purchased the vehicle, it was a time capsule. It had not been driven since 1978 and it had original paint, original spark plug wires, carburetor, hoses and belts. It is an original 77,000 mile car (mileage not indicated on the ownership documents). The Ohio title to the second owner states 74,000 miles. It is documented with the original title number verifying ownership to the original owner, Window Sticker, pieces of the Build Sheets recovered before restoration took place, some pictures of the car from 1970 and pictures of the car when the previous owner purchased it. The car underwent a frame-off, no-expense-spared, year-long restoration by a 20-year exclusive Oldsmobile restoration shop. This is an outstanding representation of a 442 Olds. It is one of the rarest Oldsmobiles equipped with extremely rare high-performance options.

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