1967 Triple Black 427/435 Convertible

VIN: 194677S117588
Sale Type: Auction   --   Sold!
Auction: Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017
Lot#: 1347
Auction Sale Price: $220000
Awards: Triple Diamond NCRS Top Flight Bloomington Gold Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals
Options: Side Exhaust Redline Tires Convertible 4-Speed
Color: Black
Horsepower: 435

Arguably the most desirable color/model/horsepower Corvette ever produced: The venerable, all original, 1967 427/435 in Tuxedo Black, Red Stinger, Black interior and Black convertible soft top.  Equipped with Side Pipes, Redline Tires, and a 4-speed. The Holy Grail of Collectible Corvettes. Of the 22,940 Corvettes in 1967, only 815 we Tuxedo Black. It is thought  by the experts that less than 50 427/435 triple black, sidepipe, convertible corvette’s were built and that this car is one of 33 left in existence.

This masterpiece underwent a 3 year restoration by Kevin Mackay or Corvette Repair in Valley Stream, New York. Kevin is one of, if not the best, Corvette restorer’s in the world. No screw was left untouched, it is just as perfect underneath as it is on top. 

This car has been inspected and validated by experts at NCRS, Roy Sinor, and Kevin Mackay. It has its original VIN and Trim Tags. In 2009 it received the Triple Diamond by receiving a NCRS Top Flight, A Bloomington Gold, and Muscle Car and Corvette  Nationals in the same year.