1966 2+2 Mustang GT Custom

VIN: 6F09A367763
Sale Type: Auction-Consignment   --   Sold!
Price: $56100
Options: Grille mounted driving lights, deluxe front bumper, BeCool aluminum radiator, Electric cooling fan, 347 stroked V8 engine, Edelbrock 4 barrel - Edelbrock aluminium intake manifold, polished finned aluminum valve covers, polished aluminum water pump, Chrome Monte Carlo bar, Chrome tower to cowl brace, Vintage Air and bracket system, aluminum oil pan, Ceramic coated exhaust headers, electric fuel pump, MSD Ignition, 8mm Taylor plug wires, Flaming river power steering, Wilwood polished dual brake booster, Wilwood four wheel disc brakes, front sway bar, Tremec 600 TKO 5 speed manual transmission, wood trimmed steering wheel, rally gauge pack, Vintage AM/FM radio, Custom wiring system, Chrome bullet side mirrors, Custom upholstered door panels, Pony upholstered front seats with lap belts, Custom sun visors, Custom headliner, 2+2 folding rear seat, 9" rear end with curry 3.70 gears, Legendary 16" wheels, B F Goodrich dual red line tires, Chrome trumpet dual exhaust tips.
Color: Silver
Horsepower: 352 HP crate 302

This 1966 Ford Mustang GT is an excellent example of the traditional 2+2 Mustang that while retaining the basic external looks and characteristics of the 52 year old Classic automobile has been custom fabricated with the addition of several modern upgrades. Features such as a high performance 352 Horsepower, 376 ft lb torque 347 cu in 302 stroker v8 engine, 5 speed manual transmission, power four wheel disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, custom upholstery that looks almost stock. Not only does this one look the part it outperforms the original intent by a long shot. a great touring ride that looks to be stock at first glance.