1965 Factory Five Cobra

VIN: F5R1005252SP
Sale Type: Auction   --   Sold!
Auction: Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2017
Lot#: 505
Auction Sale Price: $33000

This is one of the best Cobra re-creations you will ever find. It is powered by a Ford Dart Sportsman 331cid Fuel Injected Supercharged V8 engine. It has been custom engineered using the Factory Five system as a basis. The quality of workmanship is second to none. The paint on the car and the attention to detail is meticulous. There are almost 700 hours of labor just in assembling the car. No expense was spared in this build. There are receipts totaling over $200,000. And the best part is everything is still brand new. Included with this car are 3 sets of race tires and wheels -1 rain set and 2 dry sets. Other options on the Cobra are onboard camera system, full roll cage, onboard diagnostic system, automatic halon fire extinguisher, Recaro Pole Position seat, Sparco seat belts, and the list goes on.


From the Mauzy Family Collection.