2008 Ford Mustang Shelby Turbo

VIN: 182985180635
Sale Type: Consignment
Price: $65000   --   OBO
Options: Shelby/Turbonetics Turbocharger with 550 HP (at the crank), Short throw shifter, Shelby Pro-Plus 4 wheel brake system, Performance suspension with Caster/Camber Plates, la dual exhaust, Shelby Bar Grille and stBorripes, Shelby Gauge Pod and Shelby Signature Gauges, Serialized dash and engine bay plaque, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity, Shelby Functional Deep Draw hood with pins, Shelby Turbocharged Floor Mats, Specific 18" X 9" Chrome Aluminum Wheels with Goodyear Eagle F1 275/35/18 tires. Optional equipment includes: Shelby GT-H Front Fascia and Shelby Rear Fascia, Baer 6-Piston Extreme front and rear brake kit, Front Brake Ducts, Performance clutch, Eibach Pro-2 Coil-Over Shocks and Struts, Eibach Pro Sway Bar Kit and Eibach Pro Alignment Kit, 1" drop Lower Ball Joints, Bump Steer Kit, upgraded front lower control arm bushings.
Color: White
Horsepower: 550 (at the crank)

At the SEMA Show in October 2009, executives with Shelby Automobiles unveiled a new turbo based post-title package for 4.6L V8 powered 2007-2008 Shelby GT’s and 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT’s with a manual transmission. The 550 horsepower “Shelby Turbo” package boosted not only the car’s output, but also enhanced the handling, braking and looks of the venerable pony car. The turbo was developed with the help of Turbonetics and Mustang Racing Technologies. It was the first turbo system designed and engineered to be 50 state and CARB compliant for a post-title package on this platform. It was created as an alternative to the supercharger program during a severe spike in gasoline prices. The package was designed for a 2007-09 or Shelby GT 2005-09 Mustang GT. The assembly of this car and all planned was at the Las Vegas Shelby facility or one of its mod shops.  This is the prototype and only car built, making it “one of one.” The car appeared in numerous publications and on the floor of the SEMA show. It was tested at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where both the Shelby test drivers and media put it through its paces on the rigorous road course. “In 1985, Carroll used a turbo to turn Chrysler’s K Car into a rocket,” said Amy Boylan, president of Shelby Autos. “Though we’ve offered supercharged packages for vehicles for several years, many enthusiasts longed for a turbo option because of the different driving characteristics offered with this type of force induction. The Shelby Turbo was created to fulfill that need.”

From the Mauzy Family Collection.