1991 “King of the Hill” ZR-1 Red/Black 8500 miles

VIN: 1G1YZ23J5M5800805
Sale Type: Consignment
Price on Request
Awards: Several NCRS Regional and National Top Fight Awards over 97, NCRS Regional Performance Verification award, NCRS National Top Flight and McLellan Mark of Excellence 2015 with 99% score. This award was created by the National Corvette Restorers Society in 1997, in honor of Mr. David R. McLellan, long-time Chief Engineer for the Chevrolet Corvette, who retired from General Motors in 1996. The McLellan Award recognizes individuals for the restoration and preservation of 1975 - 1992 Corvettes.. To achieve this coveted award, an owner must attain a judging score of at least 97% out of 100 based on an original "as manufactured" standard at a National or Regional NCRS event; as well as present the car for a rigorous performance test of all vehicle mechanical components and functions, all of which must operate as those of a new car, without a single failure. Finally, the car must again score at least 97%, at a National NCRS Convention, to receive the McLellan Award. The process of achieving the McLellan Award requires attendance at a minimum of three events, and must be completed within a three year period. Currently only 125 Corvettes have achieved the McLetlan Mark of Excellence. Dave McLeltan has personally awarded the special plaque bearing his name at our annual NCRS National Convention.
Options: Loaded please see photo of Original Window Sticker. Window Sticker, Factory Build Sheet, Dealer and First Owner Purchase Documentation, 1991 Corvette Service Manual, 1991 Corvette Service Manual, 1991 Electrical Diagnosis Service Manual, Two Corvette Owner's Manuals (One in Sealed Plastic Bag), Factory Square and Oval Keys with Knock Outs, Plastic Emergency Key, Original Carpet Floor Mats, Spare Wheel, Lug Wrench, Jack, Plastic Bag and Spring Retainer, Spare Tire Bag Envelope, Rear Compartment Tie-down Strap, Roof Ratchet Tool, Tire Gauge with plastic bag, Velcro Lug Nut Extension and Tire Gauge Holder, Front "Corvette" License Panel Insert, Wheel Locking Kit with Plastic Bag and Instructions, "Super" Computer Performance Chip, 1-4 Skip Shift Eliminator (GAGS), Promotional "Pizza Box" Complete with Leather ZRI File Case, "Americas Cup" CD, Delco/Bose Music Demonstration Cassette, Miscellaneous GM Promotion Information and Ownership History.
Color: Red
Horsepower: 375

It represented the zenith of Corvette performance to date when it debuted. It was symbolic of Corvette’s return to respectability after the emasculating effects of new emissions standards, the use of catalytic converters and new, weight-adding bumper regulations in the mid 1970s – all of which had served to kill off the plethora of high performance engine combinations that populated the Corvette option sheet several years earlier.

The Corvette ZR-1, however, not only brought back the glory days of Corvette performance, but wrote a new chapter of its own.

Without question, the soul of the new ZR1 was its all-aluminum 32-valve 4 overhead cams LT5 V8 that put out 375 hp and 370 lb.-ft. of torque.

It was an engineering masterpiece that would propel the ZR1 to 60 mph in just over four seconds and would register a top speed of 175+ mph. The engine was developed by the Chevrolet, Pontiac, and GM Canada (CPC) Division in conjunction with Lotus Cars of England. Roy Midgely, chief engineer of 90-degree V-type engines at CPC, played a pivotal role in the creation of the LT5, working closely with Tony Rudd, managing director of Lotus Engineering.

The all-aluminum engine was assembled largely by hand at a Mercury Marine Plant in Stillwater, Oklahoma, which specialized in fine aluminum machining.

As opposed to just being an engine option as were previous high performance Corvettes, the ZR-1 had significant bodywork changes as well. It featured a rear track that was three inches wider than a standard Corvette to accommodate steamroller-wide Goodyear Eagle Gatorback 315/35ZR-17 tires mounted on 11-inch-wide rims. The wide body necessitated new doors, rear quarter panels, and a rear bumper fascia with a new, rectangular lamp design.

Each new ZR-1 came standard with a special “valet key” that limited the engine’s tremendous power to authorized users.

The new Corvette supercar was unveiled for the first time at the 1989 Geneva Auto Show. Chevrolet invited media from around the world to Geneva for the occasion and then allowed a select group to drive the Corvettes from Geneva to the walled city of Carcasonne in the southwest corner of France. In addition, a Goodyear test track at Mireval, France, was employed for high-speed cornering and wet-pavement dynamics.

Media reaction to the ZR-1 was initially fantastic. The ZR-1 owned the cover of virtually every magazine in the world. It was featured prominently in publications such as Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport as well as England’s Car and Autocar.

ZR-1 owners received not only an owner’s manual, but also a driver’s manual that provided valuable advice on how to get the most performance out of the car in a safe and responsible manner. This was a first for a GM product. After delivery, 1990 and 1991 ZR-1 owners were sent a “ZR-1 Owners Kit” which consisted of a pizza size box that included a leather portfolio with ZR-1 logo, hardcover collector’s book, driver’s book, video tape, ZR-1 keychain and a copy of the window sticker.

Pricing for the ZR-1 turned out to be about $30,000 more than a Corvette coupe, setting a new record for a GM passenger car. The vehicle went on to set and hold many endurance speed records some of which stand to day.

The Best of the Best.