1967 Red/Red 435 Corvette Coupe

VIN: 194377S112421
Sale Type: Consignment
Price on Request
Awards: Bloomington Gold, eleven NCRS Top Flights, Triple Crown
Options: The L71 was one of the few packaged options in 1967 Corvette production which included mandatory options of any type. The mandatory options were K66 Transistor Ignition, M21 Close Ratio Manual Transmission, each of 3754 L71’s had those two options, and from there forward it is anybody’s guess as to how they were optioned. In the case of G81 Positraction this car has the 4.11 ratio 42% 0f the L71’s built were 4.11. In addition many other options were available, those included on this vehicle are F41 Special Suspension and U69 PB AM/FM Radio, a bare bones no frills go fast Corvette of the day. My personal inspection confirms that each of these options appears to be factory equipment for this vehicle and that every manufacturing technique known to apply to the installation of these options is present and appears accurate for the vehicle.
Color: Rally Red
Horsepower: 435

This is a very authentic restored 1967 L71 Corvette, documented not only by the original Window Sticker and Corvette Order Copy, but confirmed by the original GM issued Trim Tag, VIN Plate  and the NCRS Shipping Data Report which while ordered recently contains information not available prior to 2010 and therefore confirms the dealer information on the original GM documents produced just over fifty years ago. The car with an over the top nut and bolt frame off restoration from 1987 time frame has obviously been freshened within the past recent years.  There are numerous manufacturing practices that were accounted for and present when analyzing this vehicles production. With the original factory documentation as support you have the real item a Rally Red Factory L71 Coupe optioned as mentioned in this report with documentation. Not a car built form pieces to match the documents, not a car built from scraps of a used up Corvette, but a Factory L71 that appears it has led a semi charmed life which has ownership history to day one.

A very significant piece of any vehicles history is its pedigree and provenance. This car has it all, original owner history, registrations, letters from numerous individuals involved in its ownership history, original photographs, etc., all well cataloged and in binders with the car. This vehicle has a judging pedigree which is included in its documentation with many sets of the original score sheets present, including those from the previously mentioned judging where Bill Mock and I  judged the engine pad, trim tag and VIN plate during the 1991 Bloomington Gold event. These judging records span close to three decades.

The only issues I found on this vehicle are evidence of body repair from an accident which occurred the day after purchase and is well documented in the records.